How to Beautify Your Home Without Major Renovations

How to Beautify Your Home Without Major Renovations

Whether old or new, we all crave the comforts of a warm, inviting and well-designed home. While you can update your home on a large scale, major renovations can often be costly and messy. More is not always better - sometimes a few additional details can go a long way. Thus, we’ve prepared a short article about 5 simple ways to update your home without tearing down walls or breaking the bank. 

Add New Lighting

Firstly, modernize your home with plenty of bright lights. Poorly lit rooms can make the space look small and cramped whereas bright rooms look airy and welcoming. Adding new lighting can be as simple as purchasing table and floor lamps for your home. For example, place floor lamps in dark corners to make the room look warm and cosy. 

Image by: Cox & Cox

Update Faucets

Replace your kitchen and bathroom faucets for a quick and easy fix. By simply changing your outdated or rusty faucets, you can instantly elevate a space - making it look new and modern. Look to the kitchen below and notice how the new matte back faucet changes the entire ambience of the kitchen. 

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Update Door Hardware


Door knobs are incredibly easy to update and there are numerous finishes to choose from (e.g., bronze, copper, stainless steel and more). There is a misconception that antique doorknobs are only suitable for vintage-styled homes while modern doorknobs are meant for clean, minimalistic rooms. Essentially, the design choice is up to you! Play around with the styles and you may be surprised to find that your modern bathroom can look cool and eclectic with antique doorknobs. 

Image by: Est Living

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In older homes or homes with children and pets, walls can get easily stained and scuffed. A clean coat of paint is another way to revamp a space without any major renovations. Here’s a tip! If you want to make a small room look bigger, try painting your walls in a light colour - a sheen that reflects light. Look at the image below and notice how the natural light reflecting from the walls makes a significant impact on the small space.

Image by: Decor8


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Proper landscaping can truly make your home come alive. It adds character to your home and statistics show that being surrounded by a beautifully landscaped yard or garden reduces stress and improves moods. While not everybody has a green thumb, it can be easy to plant a couple of trees and flowering shrubs. To ensure an organised and attractive yard, layer the heights of your plants from the shortest to the tallest. 

Image by: Robin Wersich

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So what are you waiting for? Grab your supplies and start redecorating! We’d love to hear from you if you’ve applied any of these steps to your small or major projects and how they’ve worked out for you. Send us pictures of your ‘new’ home as well!  


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25 May 2022